NBA Mascots

NBA Mascots

NBA mascots have become a mainstay of professional basketball leagues. They greet basketball fans, perform dance routines, and entertain the live crowd during timeouts. They are also known to pull funny pranks on the audience. Read on to discover the mascots of your favorite NBA team. They’ll make you smile every time! Here are some of the funniest NBA mascots:

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Cleveland Cavaliers mascot Moondog has suffered an injury after a pre-game punch from Indiana Pacers forward David West. The injury left the man inside the Moondog costume with an eye injury. Moondog is the nickname of a 1950s DJ who coined the term “rock and roll.” The Cavaliers have adopted the mascot, and he is now a fixture in their stands.

Sir CC

The Cavaliers recently introduced Sir CC, their newest mascot. He’s a bit like Gnarls Barkley from the Smiley Faces music video and is responsible for many memorable experiences for Cavs fans at the Q. The mascot’s look is also similar to that of Kyrie Irving, so the two mascots seem to complement each other. You can learn more about Sir CC by visiting the Cleveland Cavaliers website.

Crunch the Wolf

Crunch the wolf is an NBA mascot, who became a household name when the Minnesota Timberwolves joined the league in 1989. Born in a forest, Crunch grew to love basketball, and once the Timberwolves moved into the city, he migrated to the city. Now, he lives in his den, and fans lure him into the court. Crunch has earned the title of NBA Mascot of the Year three times, most recently in 2012 and 2013.

Benny the Bull

Benny the Bull is an NBA MASCOT, and has been since 1969. The Bull has changed a few times, and his current physique is much slimmer than previous versions. Its relatives include Big Ben, Da Bull, and Benji, among others. Benny and the Bull have many fans, and they are an important part of the team’s identity. But what does it mean to be the mascot?

Rumble the Bison

Rumble the Bison is an anthropomorphic bison, the mascot of the Oklahoma City Thunder. He was born in 2009 and made his debut during halftime of a game against the New Orleans Hornets. His backstory is fascinating and full of symbolism. As a bison, he is an apt symbol for the team’s growth and renaissance.


The Washington Wizards’ official mascot is named G-Wiz. This flightless raven wears a red wizard hat with dark blue stars. He wears a red pair of gloves, too, and a pair of large sneakers to match his hat. Also, he wears a 00-numbered jersey. He performs for fans during home games to entertain them. This super-soft tee pays homage to his mascot status.


A more popular mascot than the NBA’s Grizzly, the Coyote is making hundreds of community appearances each year. He has appeared in local TV commercials and even on a national morning show. Tim Derk, who created the Coyote concept and performed the role for 21 years, is now the NBA’s Manager of Mascot Development. The NBA is looking for a new mascot for the team.